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Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the Woods today....

Wanted to share some pics of Mr Riley.. where ever there is dirt he will find the sticks... all a bit cute really!!

Balloons... always fun

My kids love helium balloons... And we had some time to muck around today so i took the kids out to the block and tooks some shots of them..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Halls Head............ The Smith Family

I had a wonderful time with these guys Mr X was a pleasure even if i was tempted to get out the super glue to get him to stay still.. lol we got some great shots cant wait to get editing on them next week..

Have a great easter .. hope its a wonderful time spent with family and friends..


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Smith Family...

Vanessa and girls.. thank YOU for a wonderful day.. your support and encouragement... i had the most amazing time.. and to see how far my photography has come amazes me beyond words.. Here goes.. hope u girls love these as much as i do..

Vanessa.. THANK YOU... its people like u .. that help me reach levels i never thought were possible..


I purchased these gorgeous hats... ready for the day.. i would be able to photograph a baby.. so glad peyton got to be my first. heres a couple of shots from today..

2nd Place in the Peoples categories at MCC

the pic of chanel crouching down.. the other pic i JUST LOVE!!

Danni Best.. big thank you..

These are amazing its the first time i have been able to use them.. how great did they come up.. there were worth every cent ... MWA xxx

I have to say the last three years building up to knowing my camera better has PAID off..

My Nan.. and Peytons Great Grandmother

I just love this shot its amazes me the intense depth of a generation... how precious is peyton.... shes maybe 2 weeks old now...loosing track of time..Nan.. you are my everything.. just in case you EVER see this ..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

MIss L

I really captured her gorgeous personality in this shot so sweet and loving...such a treasure to photograph YOu have to wonder sometimes where does time go.. where did that little girl who use to drive me crazy and mess my house up to no end go.. it seems like only yesterday i love the relationship she has with chanel she is the sister she needs!

Miss V

Some shots make u glad that you are behind the lense.. love the depth in this one.. Just a random shot taken outside our bedroom area.. i really need to start investigating in some great shoot locations...Props etc.. cant wait for my photography venture to really take off.. what an exciting journey!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

mixed shots

I was lucky to get in some shots of paige just before the gorgeous peyton arrived she arrived 24hrs after we took these shots at the back of my auntys paige wasnt in any mood for location choices.. she was OVER it to be exact and just wanted peyton to arrive.. her wish was granted :)