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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Was what was on at the Burswood dome this weekend.... you cant help but fall in love with these cars.. they are amazing..some shots i grabbed... I thought my boys would love the whole event... on some level apparantly we are not on the same level it was BORING.. as the cars DONT move.. and race.. gaz and i definatley loved it!!

Heres gazs favourite... chev 58



my brother in law is an absolute triumph bike fan.. hes gonna love these shots i think its a pretty special too.. and red .. what a colour..

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FINALLY.................. my 5D MArk II

I have always known gaz was i have proof lol...

MY 5D arrived a week ago.. i missed the first delivery by 10 minutes.. arrgh.. and decided i couldnt go another day with out my new camera .. id waited 3 months for it to come.. it was suppose to arrive in the states at kevs place in texas when gaz was there and by the time gaz got there and he left the camera was half way to its desination .. so we had it redirect back to daily digital and it then took another month and a half to get here.. so on the friday night i left work an hour early grabbed riley from day care and proceed on to belmont north in the midst of traffic it took an hour and a half to get there with litterally 3 minutes to spare i walked in to the FED EX dispatch and signed for my package.. i could hardly contain my excitement..

and the kids loved it.. (worrying..) hands off its mummys.. lol and they ended up having just as much fun with the was the perfect model displaying mums new pride and riley.. with his sad face .. cause he couldnt have it..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

faces like these....

make me feel so lucky to be his mummy.. i love you baby.. you melt my heart endlessly and i love you for how much change you bring about to my life..

Monday, August 16, 2010

sissey blog


i got to design for the Sissey blog this month.. thanks miss kat u are the best.. theres also a new guest designer over there so check out miss petrian mcdonalds pages too.. dont forget to leave some love..

big hugs.. MWA...

head on over to check it all out!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some shots from the park..

NOthing to fabulous some shots of lozzy chanel and freya.. i have only edited these in picasa...

these shots have been taken using the canon EOS 400D and the lense is EF-S18-55m i shot all of them of the P-programmed auto but i adjust the white balance and ISO settings

took them all out in full light where there was a lil shade.. not that happy with some of them .. but u get that.. right.. lol

Monday, August 2, 2010


Just thought i would link some of the presets i have loved using ..

first one is .. from jinkyy art blog.. check what package u have to have before buying them so you are compatible computer wise.. i bought the 52 set action set..

i bought an $8- preset here.. and i love it..
and claires pics are amazing..

when editing i mostly use picasa but if i shoot in raw then its cs4 with anyone of those presets..

at the moment im focusing on gettting my lighting right in the pics.. the closer u are there .. the easier photoshoping is..

i plan on doing some courses with image tree this year.. unless u can recommend anything better in perth.. id love to know..

for all those like me that have no idea hope this info helps..

i figure best do photo courses .. photoshoping .. to follow..


the photo that u like was a urban intensity pre set from jinky art..
i played with the layers and exposure.. then used the pre set.

ITS TRUE.......

hardly anyone stops by anymore this change was enevitable im a gemini and love the start of anything new..(thank u PJ, kerry and theres a few more who still stop by.. your support is endless and I love you .. lol) peoples lives are getting busier.. im definately one of those i dont blog hop as much as i use to

... so i have decided to change the direction of my blog..

i want to look back as i progress with my love of photography and the changes and styles i have adapted.. i will still share my scrapbooking but there will be more posts dedicated to pics that pages.. iukwim.....dont get me wrong .. i love to scrapbook and my work will still be in bons gallery and over at just scrapbooking
(were i LURVE working,teaching and hanging out...._)

but i want to focus my blog a lil more on my pics... and the stories behind them..
while my pics are still far from perfect ... the process is fun and exciting

If u stick around and manage to survive the boredom.... i THANK YOU now :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

some shots from today..

THat is one of my favs from today.. took it b4 we headed out..

Today we went & checked out my BGF new school.. AUstin Cove Baptist in south yunderup her first year of teaching and shes going to be teaching Year 1's in a gorgoeus new school... so CUTE... year 1s are adorable...

some shots

After checking out the school site .. we headed down to fairbridge heritage farm.. our NEW 40 Acre block backs onto this and had a great day with the kids going feral screaming and crying.. (one of those afternoons .. i told my girlfriend id hitch a lift home.. lol and get the kids when i got back.. rofl...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKkk.. theres even one of me.. that sash took.. and we were playing with her camera.. mines apparantly arriving from the states in the next 10 days.. cant wait!!!!!!

all photos taken in raw and edited in CS4 using a canon 400D... love how light this model is...