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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chilling Out

Just for the record Just Scrapbooking I hate DOubles just so hard pulling it all together challenging alright thanks for looking guys and for family reading this Gary is due Home from India on the 7th March ..... we cant wait ... time them for me to get out of DA House...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


THIS is a sample of the layout i am teaching at the Caple scrapbooking store theres two options a boy one and a girl one .. if your in WA at the moment how hot is it ... phew .. i am working on a double layout at present for just scrapbookings 4 double a month challenge and will upload tomorow ... i really need to find something interesting to post about... need to get out and live more i think... oh thats right Riley needs at least 2 sleeps a day ...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Some fun snaps

I have just sussed out how to collage in picassa how fantastic does this look HIP HIP HORRAY im getting smarter.. Bout time now just have to work on photo EDITING ....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I love the end result of this layout. These photos are from a family portrait shoot we had done last year not long after riley monster was born,...

Over at Scrapbook savy we were challenged to scrap lift one of the Scrapbook masters --Julie heards layouts... I like how Julie puts her work together she always does a fab job....

I like this so much Im turning it into a double everything is ready to go just have to print those damnd photos off ..


Friday, February 22, 2008

Inspiring to make a difference

This is a layout i am currently working on at scrapbook savy it is for a book about MOI ... it looks really wierd seeing myself on a layout .... but the end result should be a book with lots of interesting facts about me and my life for the kids to have FOREVER nOICE ONE

And i start teaching my first scrapbook class on 1st March .. and then again on the 29 March frightening stuff the owner of the store Megan is looking forward to it and she assures me the girls are toooo..... wish me LUCK




Since I want to be THE BEST instructor possible, I'm always open to suggestions and cool ideas. Who better to ask than my blogging friends???
Here's the gameplan...
You need to post a comment & tell me what makes you LOVE an instructor. What did they do that really made the class special for you?? Why do you ALWAYS want to take their classes??
And one more thing...pass the word...when we get to 50 posts, we'll draw a random winner. I think we'll give some Maya Road goodies. HMMMM....might even add a piece of that new sheer ribbon...that's NOT available in stores just yet!!




Thursday, February 21, 2008

Look Out Heres

I completed this for the white with 1 new challenge blog.. i love the red think it looks fantastic.. check it out there are some fantastic layout ideas there and the DT team looks great..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WOW 2 in 1 night... yippeee

No really i did complete 2 layouts last night i just cant post one of them as it is for FRANS chinese whispers LO sketch over at BOns. I had so much fun completing these 2 layouts... The mojo flew in hugely so i had to make the most of it ... 2am finish but eye pleasing result I sent in My LO to SC mags yesterday hopefully i will find out which issue it goes to print in will keep you posted on which issue to BUY...

Monday, February 18, 2008


This is my laytest layout of Kurtis and Kieran ... I have used paper salon papers heaps of chipboard and painted .... i love the skeleton... look

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Freya -

This is my girlfriends little girl Freya, she spent the day with us and i had included her into the fun.... I have taken this shot with her actually looking into the mirror.... this was my fav shot out of all of them today i just seemed to capture her... the only bit i was spewin about was you can see the kitchen in the background but once i can work my way around photoshot elements i will erase that and just fill it black.....and she was also another willing model arent girls good for cameras

The monsters Face -

THE FACE INFRONT OF THOSE FEETSIES HOW ADORABLE IS HE AND I love the look i captured, and he is full of mischief, adorable, cuddly and lots and lots of fun... he is filled with love and attention the most demanding child we have had... but we love him totally,,, even though he drives everyone CRAZY...

Told you he was quick

These are my babies feetsies.... ok i know thats not a word but its so cute look at the detail i captured in his feetsies i just those little feet ... Just wish they didnt travel that fast

some snaps of the kids

HAve been playing with the settings on my camera and getting the kids to pose for me..... arent they just fab for the camera the FAB 3

it is impossible to get the commando crawler photographed ... his just to fast the shutter i have isnt quick enough for him

White, Folding & Fresh

That is the requirement for Sherees New Challenge over at Bons Scraps... white is the bazzill, title, german scrap, crnr scroll, flowers and chipboard circle, something fresh is the green folage behind chanel in the pic, and something folded is the gingham ribbon...

The title is done from my new cuttlebug font Harmony Isnt it gorgeous i love how it all joins up... heading of down to the foreshore this arvo with the kids ... going over to the war memorial i need to photograph something white.... and theres some huge white columns there ... have a great sunday everyone ...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A month ago I applied to the call of a DT member over at Bons Scrap's I thought nothing to lose so I went to the forum from the 123 challenge site joined and sent my application of LO etc to Bon .... this along with scrapbook savy are the first two forums i have ever been on... i never new that much about on line forums... in fact to be honest i new nothing of them ... But i am glad i do now the girls in the forums are fantastic and the chat and challenges are heaps of fun... its also company during the day especially when you are house bound with a near on 1 year old.. anyhow the call the DT position news came in today that i have made it to the 2nd round WOO HOOO TOOOOOOOT TOOOOOOT i wasnt expecting it but i am so stoked that i got a chance at stage no 2 .... also have sent my LO of Seriously DAD i have got this 1 into SM last week so should find out when that goes to print soon and also i am sending of my paper work and lo to scrap book creations so i should recieve some news back as to which edition it will be printed in i hope all you girlys have a fantastic Valentines day on FEB 14

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quiet boy of mine

Just Scrapbboking has a challenge on that i have stepped up to do... 1 double layout a week OMG thats 4 a month a challenge alright ... Brown if your reading this that means you are already 1 layout behind... not that its a race or anything ...

Monday, February 11, 2008


Riley is my 5th baby and i am really conscious of photos of me with the kids and at present there arent alot of the two of us.... 5 kids keeps my husband and i really busy. I hope this doesnt sound to desperate but now that i am learning my way around all the accessories of my camera (how challenging is that) i have gotten to the point that i set the camera up on the tripod with the self timer and race with riley (who by this stage thinks the whole game is a huge laugh and giggles) to the spot and SNAP... I'm now looking back at this lo and thankgod i had the brains to set it all up on selftimer and do it myself instead of waiting for someone to do it for me. My husband says ... you make me feel real bad... but in all honesty the whole process is quite hillarious if you were a fly on the wall youd in fits of laughter even i end up laughing... any how desperate times desperate measures at least i have some photos of me and my baby boy who i desperately love... and do you know it took us the most part of the day to do these shots... but i loved all the laughs Riley shared and i loved snuggling up and kissing him ..
This was challenge no 2 for Scrapbook savy Love is ...... I have used BG Two Scoops range and thickers letters the scrolls in the corner is from collections.......

Sunday, February 10, 2008

10 things i love

heres a list of all my favourite things not in any particular order i used bubble wrap and painted it blue and stamped it .. was a pleasing result. I have done this for the scrapbook savy challenge no 1... Challenge 3 is recycle and product and alter it
i am still working on challenge no 2... will upload the image once i have finished.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love my GIrl

Completed this one last night for a challenge at Scrapbook Savy you had to use buttons and stamp on them and make them the highlight of your page... i think it turned out gorgeous

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I made this canvas to send of to "Simply SAid" (FROM 123 blog page, from Nicole Finlayson)

Hi everyone,I'm emailing all of you fabulous scrapbookers to see if you'd like to participate in a project that I am VERY passionate about.A gorgeous shop in Melbourne - Meet Me At Mikes, is calling on all crafters of any discipline to make a heart for their shop window. They'll be hung all together and then sold off for $10 each, with ALL funds going to the Mirabel foundation, who support children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their parents' illicit drug use.I have been very lucky to have joined forces with the wonderful owner of Simply Said, a scrapbooking shop here in Warragul where I live and we are calling on all scrapbookers to make a heart for Mirabel. You can use any medium, any products, any materials, you just need to make a heart to be hung in Mike's window. We need to have them to Melbourne by Valentine's Day so it would need to reach us by Friday February 8th and also needs to have a tag attached to it that says the following:Hello my name is:I heart:I wish for:You can make it as simple or as complex as you wish, and you'll be supporting a very, very worthy cause. Hearts can be sent to:Simply Said32 Queen StreetWARRAGUL Vic 3820You can see all the details by clicking on the Meet Me At Mikes link above, or email me with any queries and I'll see what I can do. We will be taking all the scrapped hearts to Mike's and personally delivering them and I would LOVE to see them on blogs and websites to give Mirabel lots of publicity for the wonderful work that they do. A very small act can make such a huge difference and I know that the Australian scrapbooking community can make a difference when we all join forces.Whether or not you're able to help, thankyou so much for taking the time to read my email!Kindest regards to all of you :)Nicole Finlayson

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just one of the boys

123... February Challenge

I am really happy with how this layout turned out .... Check out 123 for all other entries

Friday, February 1, 2008


HA I'm so CLEVER im so clever im so clever okkk ok you get it im clever well I just HAVE TO SHARE THIS BUTTERFLY I MADE... with the thanks to the girls at Scrapbook savey for their tips ... currently working on the 123 Febuary challenge which is open to everyone and lots of fun ... click on the link
this month should be an exciting one with the criteria... So do you love my butterfly do ya do ya ?????