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Friday, October 3, 2008


FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I WASNT PUSHING A PRAM AROUND THE ROYAL SHOW... Riley was in day care and i got to spend the best day ever with 3 of my big kids.. i wish i was a little more adventurous on rides and i wish my hubby was there.. bit borring without him .. he likes all the boring stuff like me the kids hate the boring stuff so i misssed out on a lot of good stuff .. but there was no nagging no whining and no tired babies.. lol

Chanel made .. yep a 6 year old does have some pwers.. lol go on the chair ride from one part of the show to the other.. ok so its not that scray but shit its high up got some photos from that angle ... LOL .. im glad she did i was a bit to frightened to let go of the bar accross me ... i was telling myself the chair ride has been there for a hundred years and that i would be ok ... than i thought today is the day it will probably crash.. im crazy on rides like that i was think im going to DIE!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I was too scared to let my mum take my girls on the chairlift. Would be nice not to have to push a pram. Hope your school holidays are fun. Renee xxx